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Got The Thin End Of The Wedge, Took The Wrong Bend On The Edge

TREND: WEDGE HEELS Leg-elongating wedges are the fashion world’s go-to summer footwear right now. Perfect for chic summer dressing in the city, not to mention they’re ideal for outdoor events (i.e. you won’t be sinking into the grass), wedge heels are actually comfortable and ultra versatile. The wedge heel turns even a 3-inch platform into … Continue reading

10 Things I Love Tuesday

10 Things I Love “Tuesday”

1. .SPRING KEDS. [source] [source] 2. .JARRING SUNLIGHT. Which reminds of this song. [source] [source] 3. .THIS DILEMMA. 4. .POOL PARTIES. [source] [source] 5. .MILKSHAKES. [source] 6. .CARNIVALS. [source] [source] 7. .SLEEPING ANYWHERE. [Vogue UK March 2008] 8. .CREATIVE CUPPYCAKES. [source] [source] 9. .VIOLETS. [source] 10. .POST-NIGHT BAREFEET. [source] [source] Happy Wednesday. Oops. Peace, Continue reading