10 Things I Love Tuesday

10 Things I Love(d) Tuesday

1. .DAISY BUCHANAN. An exquisite casting. 2. .WINDOW SHOPPING. To make matters more adorable, those are indeed cupcake liners in Anthropologie’s storefront. [source] [source] 3. .WOODY-ISMS. [source] 4. .THE ART OF BREAKFAST. My roommates’ obsession with breakfast might be rubbing off on me… [source] [source] 5. .PART ONE. [source] [source] [source] 6. .THIGH-HIGH SOCKS. [by … Continue reading

10 Things I Love Tuesday

10 Things I Love “Tuesday”

1. .SPRING KEDS. [source] [source] 2. .JARRING SUNLIGHT. Which reminds of this song. [source] [source] 3. .THIS DILEMMA. 4. .POOL PARTIES. [source] [source] 5. .MILKSHAKES. [source] 6. .CARNIVALS. [source] [source] 7. .SLEEPING ANYWHERE. [Vogue UK March 2008] 8. .CREATIVE CUPPYCAKES. [source] [source] 9. .VIOLETS. [source] 10. .POST-NIGHT BAREFEET. [source] [source] Happy Wednesday. Oops. Peace, Continue reading


A Movie Script Ending

Here’s a lovely little montage of my favorite movie quotations from some of my favorite films. Garden State “OK, so… so… sometimes I lie. I mean, I’m weird, man. About random stuff too, I don’t even know why I do it. It’s like… it’s like a tick, I mean sometimes I hear myself say something … Continue reading