10 Things I Love Tuesday

10 Things I Love(d) Tuesday

1. .THIS PAIR. 2. .MINTY FRESHNESS. [source] [source] [Anthropologie 2010] 3. .ANDREW GARFIELD. [source] [source] And here’s his awesome shoot for Band of Outsiders. 4. .MOCHI. Mochi (frozen Japanese ice cream) =  cultural, delicious, and sold at Trader Joe’s. [source] 5. .BEAUTIFUL FRONTSEATS. [source] 6. .BEAUTIFUL BACKSEATS. [source] 7. .AMUSING PICTORIALS. 8. .COUCH POTATO DAYS. … Continue reading

La Vie Links

La Vie Links

[Jim Sturgess by Ryan McGinley] The French girl’s Converse. Ridiculously creative ad campaigns. But innuendo and exploitation=not creative. Sassy recipes. Best grandma advice ever. Don’t put this stuff on your face. READ THIS. Why do two people text but not even say hi on the street? She used to be a model?! ^Same lady is … Continue reading

Style Icon

Style Icon: Kirsten Dunst

[source] There She Was: Silky Starlit Pressed Up To The Screen THE TALENT Come to think of it, Kirsten Dunst has starred in almost strictly aesthetically-pleasing movies: Marie Antoinette, Elizabethtown, The Virgin Suicides, Crazy/Beautiful, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Many of these have become my favorites, not just for their prettiness, but also for … Continue reading

10 Things I Love Tuesday / Veg-Life

10 Things I Love Tuesday

1. .DREAMING. [source] [source] Especially… of having Emma’s life. 2. .JIM STURGESS. [source] [source] 3. .LANTERNS. 4. .UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. [source] 5. .THIS. [source] Feels good to be less ashamed of patriotism! 6. .TWO-FINGER RINGS. [my own-both from Forever21.com] 7. .ACTRESSES NOT OBSESSED WITH FAME. Their vegetarianism is another similarity! [Marie Claire Jan. '10] [source] 8. … Continue reading