Summer Sprucing Part I

[source] I don’t know about you, but my summer is in some serious need of some sprucing, which has got me in the activity-brainstorming mode. Summer Sprucing Part I 1.Celebrate the little holidays. Bastille Day (July 14): Wear your most Parisian stripes and skip the Kashi for a breakfast croissant. Ice Cream Cone Day (July … Continue reading

10 Things I Love Tuesday

10 Things I Love Tuesday: Independence Day Style

1. .STARS. [source] 2. .STRIPES. [source] [by Bruce Weber] 3. .STARS & STRIPES. [source] [source] 4. .PLAYING WITH FIRE. [source] [source] 5. .PATRIOTIC LOVE STORIES. [source] 6. .BOSTON ON THE FOURTH. [source] 7. .PRE-GRILLING. [source] 8. .GRILLING. (Veg-friendly or otherwise). [source] 9. .POST-GRILLING. [source] 10. .THE BITHDAY GIRL. Happy 234th! [source] Bust out your red, … Continue reading